Inviting all dance teachers and performers to Best Of Salsa

What is Best Of Salsa

Best Of Salsa helps you earn money from videos that your students and fans post and share with each other. Here is how it works:

Youtube vs Best Of Salsa
Most people share videos on Youtube. Youtube adds advertisements and shares a small percentage of profits to the uploader. The artists get nothing.

In case of Best Of Salsa users can still share videos with others. There are no advertisements on Best Of Salsa, but instead commited users pay an inexpensive subscription. Based on the videos subscribers decide to watch, appropriate artists get paid.

Youtube videos

The good news is you can add existing youtube videos! Just paste the youtube link to Upload. Our system will analyze it and add it to your pool within a few days.

Best Of Salsa's community probably already contributed some videos of you. They are already in your pool, too.

How to get paid

To get money earned by your videos, contact us at [email protected] to register your Artist account. You will get 20% of fees paid by subscribers who watched your videos, proportionally to how many videos of you they have watched in the month. One subscriber might not be much, but now you have a chance to gather fans from all around the world. Best Of Salsa's mission is to make dance instruction more accessible. We strive to help you reach the audience everywhere.